What We Offer

At Cor, we pride ourselves on the ability to take a project from an initial concept, through design and development, obtain FDA clearance, and position the device for market launch. Along the way we create and protect intellectual property with the help of an in-house patent agent, produce prototypes throughout the process to rapidly iterate and improve upon initial designs, and test devices in accordance with ASTM standards.

How We Work

Projects at Cor are structured in a variety of ways in order that best suits all parties while being risk-adverse. We work with clients all through, or on any part of, the development process. 

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Surgeon in Conference

Surgeon Collaborations:

Several of our projects are constructed around an idea from a surgeon or a group of surgeons that Cor is able to execute on.

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Corporate Handshake?

Corporate Partnerships: 

Cor partners with larger companies in order to quickly and efficiently navigate the product development process.

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We set up contracts with companies to dedicate resources to primary project tasks to help streamline their development timeline.

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Meduloc LLC

Portfolio Company: 

Cor shares risk and return in a project and partner with an equity investment in an independent LLC around a product. 

A Request for Proposal can be sent through our contact page, or you can reach our manager of business development, Steve Spring, directly at his inbox: steve@cormedicalventures.com. 

Areas of Expertise

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