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JPS Spacer

Joint Purification Systems is our solution to periprosthetic joint infections. It consists of a 3D printed joint spacer used to locally deliver antibiotics to the region. The local delivery allows for a quicker turnaround for treat-

ment. JPS has finished its second round of clinical testing with over 90% of patients showing no sign of complication.

Spine Innovation

Spine Innovation is a Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) system that reduces the required access window by allowing the implant to be inserted on its side, and expanded within the disc space. The Spine Innovation 

TLIF system is FDA approved and has been used in over ## patients across the nation. 


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The Meduloc Intramedullary Fracture Fixation System is a minimally- invasive solution for long bone fractures. Meduloc allows a surgeon to create axial compression and rotational fixation across the fracture site

with only one intramedullary wire. 

In addition to our portfolio companies that are well developed and close to FDA clearance and approval, Cor has a number of projects that are being screened in its New Product Pipeline. Contact us for more information on our seed stage projects.

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